Do It Yourself Energy Lanyard Pack


This package includes three 'Energy' lanyards, and a manual with instructions on how to make and sew the harness and belt out of these three lanyards. Not included are a pair of scissors, and a needle and thread. Sewing difficulty level medium, so I am sure you will figure it out! We would suggest this garment for someone with a slim posture.

The bag is made from plant material and is certified composable using Earthfirst® PLA film from Ingeo™.

If you have lost your Do It Yourself Manual you can download a pdf here.

Fabric Details

Three 'Energy' Lanyards
DIY manual with Instructions
Made from PET recycled plastic
GRS (Global Recycle Standard) Certified
Packaged in eco-friendly material
Produced in China


This model is +/- 170cm / 5′7" and has a slim posture

Transparent Pricing

Transparency is important to us, therefore we have written down an approximate price calculation of our garments.
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Retailer Margin: €15.90.-
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Our Margin: €15.- 
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