We live in a society where cheap, fast fashion has become a norm.
But these low prices do not reflect the real value of clothes,
as environmental and ethical aspects are not included in the price.
They are not sustainable. They are not Permanent.

Consumers are more informed about sustainability,
but their values do not reflect their actions.
Brands need to focus on using sustainability as a norm,
which helps them provide their unique brand value.
This value should not only be sustainability.
It should be unique and authentic towards the culture it speaks to.

This is Permanent: striving to reflect the unique
individuality of the Amsterdam fashion culture through
conscious collection concepts, in a more positive and sustainable way.

We source our garments from suppliers who provide
organic and eco-friendly materials, as well as work to improve
the livelihoods of those that work in the fashion supply chain.
Our clothing is another step towards promoting
a sustainable, responsible future.

This movement is Permanent.
This way is Permanent. Ths brand is Permanent.