Garden Blanket


Multi-colour ‘Garden’ design printed with water-based ink onto a recycled polyester blanket. The recycled polyester fabric is derived from PET bottles and packaging. The backside of the blanket has an off white coloured fleece material.

Please only wash polyester garments when necessary and on a low temperature to release fewer plastic microfibers. Another great way is buying a washing bag that filters the microfibers. 

Fabric Details 

100% Recycled Polyester
GRS Recycled Standard
Manufactured in The Netherlands
Printed in the Netherlands
Packaged in eco-friendly material.


120 x 150 cm

Transparent Pricing

Transparency is important to us, therefore we have written down an approximate price calculation of our garments.
We work with relatively low production quantities to avoid overproduction.

Manufacturing and printing: €33.90.-
(set-up costs, samples, shipping costs, bagging, labeling, and more)

Retailer Margin: €36.10.-
(marketing costs, photo shoots, order catalogue, shipping costs,  and more)

Our Margin: €69.- 
(office costs, Internet, website hosting, photo shoots, marketing costs and more)



As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us with tracking code. We ship through different post carriers depending on the country.

We offer free worldwide shipping on all order above €150.-